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According to the IOM international labour migration is defined as the movement of people from one country to another for the purpose of employment. Today, an estimated 105 million persons are working in a country other than their country of birth.  Labour mobility has become a key feature of globalization and the global economy with migrant workers earning US$ 440 billion in 2011, and the World Bank estimating that more than $350 billion of that total was transferred to developing countries in the form of remittances. However, despite the efforts made to ensure the protection of migrant workers, many remain vulnerable and assume significant risks during the migration process.

When properly managed, labour migration has far-reaching potential for the migrants, their communities, the countries of origin and destination, and for employers. While job creation in the home country is the preferred option, demographic, social and economic factors are increasingly the drivers of migration. As a result, a growing number of both sending and receiving countries view international labour migration as an integral part of their national development and employment strategies. On one hand, countries of origin benefit from labour migration because it relieves unemployment pressures and contributes to development through remittances, knowledge transfer, and the creation of business and trade networks. On the other hand, for destination countries facing labour shortages, orderly and well-managed labour migration can lighten labour scarcity and facilitate mobility.

INGRED as a business incubator is an organization that helps startup companies and individual entrepreneurs to develop their businesses by providing a fullscale range of services included paralegal administrative  services and recruitment of the right staff. 

To support it's "raison d'être" being in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal nr 8 about creating "decent work and economic growth" the services offered in matters of business management, Human Resources (included Headhunting services) and administrative services are the source of funding of INGRED's global operations.

For Diplomatic Missions (Embassies and Consulates) based in Brussels we offer consulting services in matters of the functioning of the European Institutions and how to engage with them.  

INGRED, with Belgium registration 0731.561.528, generated out of the former GGF structure, a public-interest association created in 2011, an European think tank, with focus on geopolitical and strategic issues. The services provided by the INGRED structure are supervised by a team of external advisors. 

INGRED activities can be divided into nine fields:

* research on geopolitical issues; 

* support with nation strategic development planning; 

* Int. relationship building with the Global Institutions; 

* advisory consulting services & impartial monitoring;

* safeguarding migration mechanisms, included international refugee's;

* building International "bridges" across borders;

* technical support for development projects;

* support for agri-food, water safety & housing projects;

* advice with focus on creating work and economic growth;

INGRED is a registered advisor at the EU transparency register and service provider to international organisations and national governments. 

Our services

Investment in Education, Job creation & Economic Growth including Global migration.

Connecting it's nations economic sectors with it's educational structure will deliver sustainable results towards the future. Bringing attention to your nations needs, in matters of water & food security,  building an economic and social resilience enabling leaders within society to cope with future challenges. 

INGRED's structure has the ambition to initiate pilot projects, around the Globe, introducing diversified education, introducing transferable skills development, and career-related learning, not by re-inventing the wheel but by joining the efforts of the existing Universities and schools, with it's business communities.

Our INGRED structure has special interest in safeguarding migration mechanisms of its global citizens across the globe. 

Technical support with Development Projects &  feasibility studies   

For government leaders in developing nations, financial support is essential to maintain political stability and to increase economic development, securing peace and stability. A nations strategic development plan is the foundation. Many developing nations, hit by disasters, need more then only promises. They need essential funding, to bring their economy back on track, creating a sustainable economy over time.  

Essential when applying for funding is to evidence the stakeholders commitment towards the project. By having a professional business plan, evidencing it's feasibility, by introducing capable management to the project and its implementation. Allowing external monitoring, evidencing it's measurable economic and social impact within society, over a short, medium and longer period of time will get you the interest of International Development Institutions.

External (Impartial) Consulting & Monitoring  Services 

Bringing attention to your countries needs, in matters of economic development, disaster relief, health related crisis (Ebola, Covid, etc), hunger relief after warming climate or war scenario's, supporting peace initiatives, needs to be communicated through the right channels to get relief support. We are here for you !  

Evidencing the right intention when applying for support in matters of funding for economic development, needs beside including all relevant key components, to evidence transparency throughout the entire process of development. External monitoring on both the "funding" as well the "project" governance is essential. The INGRED structure is able to supply you with these external monitoring services, being essential if you desire to attract funding through the multilateral development Institutions. 

One of our projects: A Water Processing Agreement combined with a build operate-transfer system (WPA/BOT)- the perfect solution to finance UN-SDG desalination BOT projects.

A Water Processing Agreement combined with a build

operate-transfer system (WPA/BOT)- the perfect

solution to finance desalination projects in developing


Similar to a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA, a WPA or

"Water Processing Agreement" is a financing vehicle that

allows Engineering company's to fully construct and

operate water reclamation systems such as for example

desalination plants at no upfront capital expenditures

or development risks to it's consumers. Combining it with

a build operate-transfer or BOT system, it's a perfect

operating modul for implementing energy and clean water

projects in developing countries. It makes such projects

feasible for funding purposes and depending on the regional

implementation a political risk insurance policy could cover

any loose ends.

Depending on the regional situation , and local partnerships with water distribution suppliers everything about the WPA/BOT is adaptable, making sure thats its clearly defined in the agreements who assumes responsibility for maintenance and operational responsibilities as well as all permitting requirements, construction risk and performance liabilities. Drinkable water produced by the project will be used to pay the cost of the facility over time; meanwhile, the end-users will receive affordable water at the start of the operations. The WPA/BOT agreement is highly flexible and could be tailored to satisfy all stakeholders criteria.

I've written this short article only as an introduction to the concept of a "WPA/BOT" construct what could offer practical solutions to many countries around the world in search of funding solutions for rather highly costly investment projects. The impartial operating specialists from INGRED are happy to assist all stakeholders involved to support these type of projects, from initiation till transfer of the operations, ensuring all specific conditions of such WPA/BOT construct are met to satisfy all stakeholders. This article published by Dr. Alex P.M. Pasmans on Linkedin is based on research for the finance of large renewable energy and water desilation projects. As the initial large desilation projects benefit rather wealthy countries as the US, Europe, China and Saoedi Arabia, it's our aim to make seawater desaliantion projects available all over our planet, starting with those populations who need it the most, as for example in the Horn of Africa. Contact us for more information and how to proceed.

Where we operate

INGRED is an official registered non-profit structure based in Belgium with registration nr  0731.561.528 and besides holding audited accounting records is registered at the European Transparency Register. We do not receive public funding from governments and as such are depended on contributions from its partners,  members and supporters, as for example the Belgium Investment & Trade (  and the Agricultural Development Bank (

For Diplomatic Missions (Embassies and Consulates) based in Brussels we offer consulting services in matters of the functioning of the European Institutions and how to engage with them. For these service  contact us on : 

We are constantly seeking for likeminded supporters who are willing to contribute to a better society, not only for ourselves but also for many generations to come.